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Misreading misleading charts: rally edition

November 4, 2010

From the "question everything" file, an excellent example of why you should never trust anything without verifying it yourself: a number of conservative mailing lists are forwarding the following image comparing the size of Glen Beck's rally to Jon Stewart's: Note the circles at the bottom, which purport to show the areas involved. The first […]

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Off the grid 2: here there be tourists

June 9, 2010

Eric Fischer has updated the Geotagger's World Atlas (previously covered on TGR here) by overlaying an analysis of photographers on the geo-located picutures. The result is even more stunning, capturing the different behaviors of locals (blue) and tourists (red): He drew conclusions by examining other photos by the same photographer. If they had taken photos […]

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Off the grid: NYC photoplot

May 25, 2010

Eric Fischer posts the Geotaggers' World Atlas - a collection of urban networks revealed by the location of pictures taken along their routes. The geographic data comes from Flickr and was clustered and plotted to reveal various city grids. A fairly straightforward mashup of data and geography coupled with a clean visualization... I love this […]

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One way, the wrong way

December 23, 2009

Every single street in Boston is one-way, the wrong way. At least, that's what I've believed since I lived there - no matter where you want to go, the roads that appear to form the most direct route will inevitably carry traffic only in the opposite direction. And somehow that remains true when you try […]

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It's American as sweet potatoes (but not sweet potato pie)

November 27, 2009

The NYT has published an infographic showing the top recipe searches on Searches are broken out by state, allowing some interesting comparisons. (Local dialects and preferences are an interest of mine, and when combined with maps I can't resist... see also various words for soda.) Here's the chart for "apple pie", the 5th most […]

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Choropleths in R (yes, "choropleths")

November 12, 2009

Using R to recreate color-indexed maps of US unemployment data.

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How many roads...

October 29, 2009

Ben Fry has created a stunning image consisting of the 26 million roads in the United States (click to zoom): Nothing other than asphalt (gravel, dirt...) has been drawn here, but geographic and political features emerge nonetheless. In a very real sense, the geography is a latent feature of the roads dataset, as it creates […]

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Colors of Harvard Square

October 22, 2009

From Cartogrammar, an absolutely brilliant application of the Flickr API produces this map of the colors of Harvard Square: The map was created by taking geocoded photos from Flickr and calculating the average hue of the photograph, then plotting that color on the map and interpolating between all the resulting points.  Astoundingly, this image shows […]

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Unemployment map

April 20, 2009

Slate has an interactive map which illustrates job losses by county throughout the US over the last two years. It's very sobering to watch the red circles (representing losses) explode in late 2008.

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I'll have a carbonated beverage, please

March 27, 2009

Anyone who has visited the South has probably heard a conversation like this: Waitress: What would you like to drink? Southerner: I'll have a coke. Waitress: What kind of coke? Southerner: I'll have a Coke. And after this bizarre back and forth, the waitress goes off and comes back with (surprise!) a Coke.  Like this: But […]

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