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Cameron and Jackson on CGI in film

December 23, 2009

Slate has posted a great interview with James Cameron and Peter Jackson - arguably the two leading directors when it comes to special effects in film (in fact, Jackson's Weta Workshop executed most of the FX shots for Cameron's Avatar). Of course, the discussion centers on an enthusiastic embrace of CGI, reflecting a belief that […]

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What passes for news

August 28, 2009

ReadWriteWeb takes 600 words to conclude: What this means for Twitter is that the online chatter taking place on the popular microblogging site, while still an important vector for studying sentiment, is not powerful enough on its own to truly impact the overall success or failure of a movie. Really?! Does this mean there are […]

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Tuesday trends are black and white

May 5, 2009

Having always been a fan of penguins, I was surprised when I first typed "penguin" into Google Trends. The birds have had a recent surge in popularity, beginning in late 2006.  Why is this is the case? First, I thought that it must have had something to do with the Disney movie Happy Feet. The coinciding […]

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The celluloid NYC

April 5, 2009

The NYTimes has a very interesting story on another side of New York.  As they put it, "There’s the tangible New York of concrete and smog, and there’s what the film historian James Sanders has called the 'mythic New York,' the dreamy celluloid landscape of a thousand crisscrossing fictions." The latter is the city with which […]

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