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Self-defeating systems

October 3, 2009

Last night, trying to catch a cab in a Manhattan rain, it occured to me that it really shouldn't be so surprising that so many of our systems fail exactly when we need them most. I was standing blocks from the nearest subway or bus and had no umbrella; I needed a cab to get […]

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Manhattan in flux

August 13, 2009

A very nice graphic is making the rounds (though I believe it originated in a 2007 issue of Time Magazine) which shows Manhattan's population density by day and by night. The difference is striking: Happily, the density bars mimic the placement of Manhattan's skyscrapers - this follows because obviously the tallest buildings support the highest […]

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The celluloid NYC

April 5, 2009

The NYTimes has a very interesting story on another side of New York.  As they put it, "There’s the tangible New York of concrete and smog, and there’s what the film historian James Sanders has called the 'mythic New York,' the dreamy celluloid landscape of a thousand crisscrossing fictions." The latter is the city with which […]

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The world as seen from Tiananmen Square

March 27, 2009

The cover of The Economist features a fantastic take on a classic New Yorker cover (click to zoom): And here's the original, for comparison -- this is one of my favorite illustrations (again, click to zoom): Via Strange Maps.

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NYC Winter

February 7, 2009

Four shots from the last big snow (click to enlarge):       

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Two Taxis

February 7, 2009
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March 8, 2008

I took this picture walking home from my office a few sundays ago (yes, sunday) from the corner of 49/Park, looking West. There was this very surreal "comic book" feel about the scene. There is a touch of HDR at work here (you can see the "halo effect" in the sky around the buildings), but […]

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