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TIME: "It's over!"

April 14, 2009

TIME magazine has called it over - thanks for coming, everyone, and please watch your step as you disembark the ride. In an article titled "More quickly than it began, the banking crisis is over," the intrepid financial analysts at TIME lay out their argument: But, the great banking crisis of 2008 is over. It […]

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Bank Holiday Ends?

March 28, 2009

Now that Dimon has admitted that "March was a little tougher," does the party end?  Can we go back to thinking of the banks as villainous institution which can't manage their own risk to save themselves (poor choice of words)? We don't always get a look into the month-by-month performance of the big banks; their […]

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Economics 101: Market Failure (PPIP edition)

March 25, 2009

Back in Ec 10 we discussed the two principal forms of market failure: moral hazard and adverse selection. Both are forms of information asymmetries, and lead to a loss of surplus and general lack of efficient resource allocation. Moral hazard is the idea that if someone knows they are protected from risk, they will behave in […]

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