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The regulation bubble

November 10, 2009

Breaking down Senator Dodd's financial reform bill.

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More reverse convertibles: cutting the nose to spite the face?

June 18, 2009

Felix is back at the forefront of the "ban reverse convertibles" charge. He makes some salient points, but continues to encourage a slippery slope form of regulation that would ultimately handicap an industry to protect the naive daytrader. Referring to embedded short options in general, he notes: But retail-facing financial instruments should never embed such […]

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Reverse convertibles

June 17, 2009

Ever since the WSJ published this article on the front page of section C, a lot of people are talking about "reverse convertible notes." James Kwak and Felix Salmon led a charge to ban the instruments but Felix, at least, seems to have backed off a little bit after these responses. I've seen many varieties of […]

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