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Risk & risk management

June 30, 2010

An overview of financial risk and the risk management process.

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Bookstaber's testimony on risk

September 11, 2009

Rick Bookstaber testified to the House on Wednesday regarding risk management; the text of his remarks is available here. It is a must-read. The bulk of his testimony focuses on VaR: it's use, misuse and role in the recent crisis. I find his greatest insight in this paragraph: I remember a cartoon that showed a […]

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Interviewing Myron Scholes

May 16, 2009

Speaking of LTCM (and of this Sunday's Times Magazine, for that matter), here's an interview that's going to run with Myron Scholes, who comes off like a bad comedian. The questions are poor and the answers arguably worse. Let's take a look, shall we? The second question: "You're known as the intellectual father of the […]

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Aggravation (but keep reading)

May 16, 2009

I happen to like this article by Niall Ferguson for the Times Magazine, in particular this bit: Human beings are as good at devising ex post facto explanations for big disasters as they are bad at anticipating those disasters. It is indeed impressive how rapidly the economists who failed to predict this crisis — or […]

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Thoughts on risk management

April 20, 2009

Naked capitalism put out an open call for thoughts on the state of risk management on trading desks. The comments are well worth a curious read (how many times have you said that about a blog post?). It is interesting that when you get enough academics and practitioners shouting in a room, risk management becomes […]

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