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Copulas in squash

June 15, 2009

Ball marks on a squash court form an interesting scatterplot.

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End of an era: Harvard kills its squash courts

May 25, 2009

Vanity Fair on Harvard's Vanishing Squash Courts: Artist James Powers, Harvard ’08, proved to be an invaluable source on two fronts. He knew about the four unused squash courts in Adams House because he had painted in them, seen movies inside them, and, like the other students, stored junk in them over the summer. Had […]

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The burger's good, too

February 20, 2008

Tonight after squash I started to cook dinner, but after setting off the smoke alarm for what I must confess was the second time since I moved here, I headed over to Harry's Steakhouse/Cafe (I'm not sure which one I go to. I think it's the cafe. Whichever one is downstairs.). After a late match, […]

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Um, it's also really fun

February 11, 2008

Lest I made the most amazing sport In Ever sound unpleasant (or at least not worthwhile), I did come across this on Wikipedia: Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. In one hour of squash, a player may expend approximately 700 to 1000 calories (3,000 to 4,000 kJ) which is significantly more than most other sports[1] […]

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What the f--- is squash?

February 11, 2008

I bought a new pair of squash shoes yesterday and I don't know if it was the shoes or my post-inflation delerium, but I think I played some of my best yet. I'll admit I was a bit skeptical about what a pair of shoes could do, but they made a huge difference. In fact, […]

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Some people think we do that already

February 10, 2008

On my way to play squash today, I got into a conversation with a girl on the subway. At one point she said, "Why can't we just print a ton of money and give it to everyone? Then everyone would be happy." So I laughed. Then she said, "Seriously, why not?" And I realized she […]

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