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The "software company" bubble

August 21, 2011

It's amazing what you can see when you refuse to open your eyes -- or need to talk your book. Take, for example, Marc Andreessen's article in the WSJ titled "Why Software is Eating the World." I became skeptical when this line appeared in the introduction: And, perhaps most telling, you can't have a bubble […]

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Precision Information Environments

May 11, 2010

The last time I posted a video for all the futurists out there, we'd never even heard of an "iPad." It's amazing how that device has made clips like these seem so much closer to reality. This one is based on research from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on a class of emergency management interfaces called PIE's: Precision Information Environment. […]

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Progress is magical

September 1, 2009

Scott Locklin writes an excellent and enjoyable blog, but I found his latest article for Taki Magazine extremely disappointing. Titled "The Myth of Technological Progress," it bemoans his perception that technology has not advanced in the last 50 years at nearly the same rate as in the previous half-century. (I know that the article plays […]

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Fact-checking the singularity

May 10, 2009

This movie made the rounds last year, but now that it's resurfaced on Mashable I need to revisit the frustration it has caused me. First, here's the video in question: It's a tour of the "pace of progress," designed to alternatively intimidate the viewer by revealing his lack of identity and insignificance and astound the […]

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Arthur C. Clarke: A Space Odyssey

March 19, 2008

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke, one of my favorite authors, passed away yesterday at 90.  Not only did he write some of the most influential books of the last century (even sharing an Oscar nomination with Stanley Kubrik for 2001), but he was an extremely gifted academic and futurist […]

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