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things that keep me up at night

Things that keep me up at night: signing into Amazon

October 29, 2009

If you head over to Amazon, you may see this at the top of your logged-out screen: Now, there are times when you hyperlink nouns. In fact, most hyperlinks are on nouns, since they lead to more information on the thing referenced (think of the Wikipedia model). Sometimes, it is more appropriate to hyperlink a […]

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Things that keep me up at night: academics' websites

June 22, 2009

Why are academics' websites so poorly designed? In fact, they go beyond bad design and border on unuseable. Taleb's disasterous epitomizes the phenomenon. One of the images is actually displayed upside down! Andrew has pointed out that my marquee example was not to be, but do not be distracted by the beautiful celebrities: Taleb's […]

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