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The Yom Kippur effect

October 1, 2009

You may have noticed a minor obsession with traffic amidst TGR's usual fare, which is why I was especially interested in a recent Freakonomics piece called "A Gut Yontif for L.A. Drivers" (Gut Yontif is a traditional Yiddish greeting used on Yom Kippur - it literally means "good holiday"). The post's motivation is purely anecdotal […]

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A real traffic network

August 25, 2009

Traffic (and cars more generally) are a particular interest of mine - both the algorithmic component (path finding and navigation) and the behavioral/mechanical side (see here). Today, Google announced that they are now crowdsourcing traffic data in Google Maps. This represents a fantastic use of technology, and one which I've often wondered why no one has […]

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