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Search forecasts

September 8, 2009

Google Insights recently rolled out a new feature: 12 month search forecasts. The forecast comes from a relatively simple decomposition of the search volume into trend, seasonal and residual components. The model's out-of-sample performance is tested on the most recent 12 month period; if that prediction proves accurate, then the model is accepted. Here's what […]

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Thursday trends are trying to get ahead

June 11, 2009

Hi All, Todays graph indicates that searches for two seemingly unrelated words, "cliff" and "spark", follow the same pattern. Now, why is this the case?  I believe that the answer is related to the school schedule in the United States.  As the graph clearly indicates, searches for "cliff" and "spark" are at their lowest levels during […]

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Thursday trends are being vewy vewy quiet

May 28, 2009

Today's graph indicates that hunting peaks during the late fall and early winter, while fishing peaks during the summer.  "Fishing" is the more-searched term throughout the year and "hunting" is only more frequently searched in late November/early December.  Furthermore, deer is the most commonly hunted animal and "deer" follows the same cyclical pattern as "hunting". […]

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Tuesday trends like an Apple a day

May 19, 2009

All this talk of Microsoft and Apple's relative values sent me quickly to Google, where I pulled up the following chart: The blue line is searches for "Microsoft;" the red is for "Apple." I've filtered it by "Computers & Electronics" to limit the impact of a certain fruit. The blue spike around April first is […]

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Tuesday trends are black and white

May 5, 2009

Having always been a fan of penguins, I was surprised when I first typed "penguin" into Google Trends. The birds have had a recent surge in popularity, beginning in late 2006.  Why is this is the case? First, I thought that it must have had something to do with the Disney movie Happy Feet. The coinciding […]

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Thursday trends are so hot right now

April 30, 2009

Based on the reaction to Monday's Google Trends post, The Don (you may also know him as R) is going to help me with a new regular section analyzing interesting trends and insights that can be found using Google's public search data. We're going to leg into trend analysis with something relatively simple: extracting seasonality and trend […]

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