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Eloquent JavaScript: an interactive programming tutorial

September 30, 2011

Via my friend Will Gaybrick (@gaybrick), I discovered an excellent programming tutorial called Eloquent JavaScript. Not only is it extremely well-written, clear and friendly, but it features a completely interactive console allowing readers to run and experiment with every single example. You'll never have to struggle to decipher what a piece of code is doing […]

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Risk & risk management

June 30, 2010

An overview of financial risk and the risk management process.

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Learn to program!

December 24, 2009

Following a post by Aleks Jakulin, I found a great site that presents an interactive Ruby prompt married to an extremely user-friendly tutorial: Try Ruby. I don't know Ruby at all, but I followed the tutorial for a bit and quickly felt comfortable with the basic syntax. I'm not a perfect candidate to judge this for […]

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Choropleths in R (yes, "choropleths")

November 12, 2009

Using R to recreate color-indexed maps of US unemployment data.

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