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Talking heads

June 30, 2011

Too good to pass up: (via SMBC)

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Election night technology, redux

November 3, 2010

Two years ago, I wrote about how impressed I was by CNN's use of technology in their election night broadcast. They employed iPhone-inspired multitouch screens to access and browse data visually (the iPad, sadly, was but a dream at that point). The screens could display charts, sorted data, maps, results... anything the anchors required. One […]

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Debating 3D TV

January 19, 2010

Here's an interesting case study in internet behavior dynamics: when Engadget publishes a story -- any story -- about 3D TVs, the comments are filled with fans and excited (potential) consumers. When the NYT publishes a story called "Do Consumers Really Want 3-D TV's?" the comments overflow with doubters and pessimists. Thanks to the magic […]

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Mapping Seinfeld

August 6, 2009

Posted as a public service following this announcement (click to zoom): via Daily Fill.

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Fact-checking the singularity

May 10, 2009

This movie made the rounds last year, but now that it's resurfaced on Mashable I need to revisit the frustration it has caused me. First, here's the video in question: It's a tour of the "pace of progress," designed to alternatively intimidate the viewer by revealing his lack of identity and insignificance and astound the […]

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Just in time for the LOST season finale

April 30, 2009

ABC shows are coming to Hulu!  Cleverly, NBC/News Corp-owned Hulu has always listed ABC shows, but the links directed to ABC's hosted player. Will you watch LOST at Hulu? (Obviously. Multiple times. ) Can CBS's stand up to the challenge? (Hulu is more of a video aggregator; is more of a television resource […]

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