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Keeping heads out of textbooks

November 2, 2009

Wall Street & Technology briefly discusses some survey results and concludes: "Wall Street's Quants Feel Misunderstood." There's the obligatory quote from Dr. Wilmott: "These numbers are alarming," said Dr. Wilmott. "They indicate that even with the events of the past year, financial institutions are still not taking the importance of financial education seriously, especially as it […]

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Deconstructing the Gaussian copula, part I

June 5, 2009

A number of misconceptions about the Gaussian copula are addressed.

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Wilmott on copulas

February 26, 2009

Paul Wilmott has responded ("Copulas and Cults") to the Wired article on copulas I mentioned recently. His tone is grave: "Far more serious, because it extends to all of finance not just to a single model, is the poor education that people get in university financial engineering programs and also the blind-following-the-blind behaviour that is […]

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